Employment Rights




This section provides our members with the information about rights and entitlements in the Irish workplace.

The CWU has a long history of delivering advice and support to our members so that together we can make sure that your employer respects your rights.

Employment rights laws in the Republic of Ireland cover many subjects including work contracts, pay, hours of work, statutory leave arrangements such as maternity leave, and parental leave, health and safety, equality, bullying, sexual harassment, and other areas. Employment rights also include the right to make a complaint to an employer and to the relevant authorities such as the Workplace Relations Commission and the Labour Court.

This section of our website provides a short introduction to those rights; therefore, it doesn’t cover other arrangements that we may have negotiated with your employer such as term time or enhancements to your statutory rights which is an integral part of our work.

This section is about your rights in the Republic of Ireland at the time of publication in September 2022. Please note that while every effort is made to ensure the content is accurate, the CWU does accept liability for any loss resulting from inaccuracies or errors contained therein, furthermore the content does not provide a legal interpretation of any of the referenced Acts. At all times you should refer your concerns to the relevant union representative for further guidance.

Should you have any disputes with your employer you should get in touch with your union representative at the earliest opportunity as generally there is a time limit of six months maximum to refer a case to a third party as appropriate.

Get in touch with us by email (info@cwu.ie) if you want more information or if you need our help, advice, or representation.