Health and Safety at Work


The CWU represents workers across a range of industries and their health and safety is a key priority for the Union . Our members encounter all types of hazards while undertaking their daily tasks during the course of their work, including working with electricity, machinery as well as the dangers of road accidents. Some members have to contend with human hazards such as robbery and crime, verbal abuse, sexual harassment and physical violence.

The CWU plays a hugely important role in highlighting the various risks in the workplace and making our members aware of their rights under Health and Safety legislation. Workplace health and safety is about managing risks in order to ensure that workers are protected from accidents or illnesses caused by work. As part of the role in advising members on issues related to Health and Safety the Union has developed an “ A – Z “ of Health and Safety..

This “ A – Z” is an interactive document that details the risks, role and responsibilities under health and safety legislation. Where necessary it contains links to more detailed information and advice.

Click below link to access the document:

CWU Health & Safety Interactive