CWU Band

The Communications Workers’ Union Band is a Brass and Reed Concert Band, formerly  known as the “Post Office Workers’ Union Band”


CWU Band has a long and proud tradition as Ireland’s premier trade union Brass and Reed Concert Band. In fact, it is the only remaining trade union band on the island of Ireland, north or south. The Band was founded by postal workers during the period prior to the foundation of the State when there was massive growth in the organisation of “unskilled” workers into trade unions. The exact date of the foundation of the Band is hard to verify, but it was in existence prior to 1916, as all the instruments were destroyed in the GPO during the Easter Rising.

There is a freely available record in the National Archives detailing a claim for £211, 15 shillings and sixpence for damages to instruments in the GPO as a result of fire during the “disturbances” of Easter week 1916; that small ill-fated rebellion which gave rise to the Irish War for Independence and subsequent formation of an Irish Free State.

For the last century the Post Office Workers’ Union Band has provided the beat to which many workers marched as they demonstrated against injustice or commemorated past heroes and events. The Irish trade union movement in general and the Post Office group of unions in particular has changed with the times and with the amalgamation and consolidation of the many unions, the Band’s name has become the current Communications Workers’ Union Band.

The Band holds rehearsals on Sundays from 11am to 1.30pm in CWU Head Office. New members are always welcome!