Retired Members

There are a range of special discounts which are available to you as a retired member of the CWU. All you need to do is quote your membership number to avail of them. The Union has arranged discounts on things as essential as insurance cover for your car, home and holidays.

  1. By joining the Retired Members’ Section of the CWU you will have a voice in relation to your pension and a say in future decisions regarding your pension;

  2. The membership fee for retired members shall be €1.00 per week by Deduction at Source; or €4.16 per month by Direct Debit; or €50.00 per annum by cheque/ postal order/ cash;

  3. The Union magazine “Connect” can keep you updated on what is taking place in your industry, on industrial relations events, not to mention special discounts and services available to you as a retired member. All retired members shall receive a copy of the Connect magazine posted directly to their home address;

  4. The next of kin of a member of the Retired Members’ Section may be entitled to a Mortality Grant up to €1,270 on their death;

  5. Retired members are also entitled to avail of legal aid. This scheme, which is funded from the central funds of the Union, provides assistance to retired members in certain circumstances and subject to certain conditions in relation to: Offences under the Road Traffic Acts; Compensation Claims; Inquests; Wills; and certain other legal advice. The first consultation with the Union solicitor is free and any subsequent meetings are at the expense of the individual;

  6. The CWU Family Personal Accident Scheme provides cover 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world. Exclusions include injuries consequent upon war, whether declared or undeclared, intentional self-inflicted injury including suicide or attempted suicide, aerial flight other than as a passenger, sickness or disease. T&Cs apply. Retired members should contact Halligan Insurances directly on 01 879 7100 ( for more information and advices on the premium and level of benefits covered under this Scheme;

  7. We have also secured an extension of our private medical health scheme with Aviva Insurance to retired members. Retired members should contact FM Downes Ltd directly on 01 855 6666 ( for more information and prices for this scheme.