GSP 22-23 Cleaners & Patrols



You will be aware from GS Circular 9/23 An Post intend to engage third party suppliers to perform Cleaners and Patrols work. The Union has accepted this as part of the Transformation Agreement on the basis of members having the following options:

  • Retirement at their normal retirement age.
  • Option of moving to other locations in Dublin
  • Redeployment to other roles within An Post, subject to availability and suitability
  • Voluntary Severance

It should be stressed that those who wish to remain until they retire normally can stay in their existing roles.

While we will engage further with the Company on the specific details at the various locations, the company will launch an expression of interest survey of staff, to ascertain the level of interest in availing of the Company Severance Scheme. The survey will commence in Dublin, early in 2024 and in the provinces in quarter 2.

Consolidation of 2.5% Change Allowance

As part of the Transformation Agreement the company agreed to consolidate 2.5% of the Change Allowance into the basic pay of Cleaners/Patrols as well as Working Leaders. The Company advised it expected the payments would be made before the end of the year. Regrettably, this is not now the case and I attach copy of the Company correspondence confirming the payments will be madeĀ  in early February 2024.

Please bring the above to the attention of members, particularly those in the relevant grades and we will keep you informed of developments as they occur.

Attachment to GSP 22-23 re Cleaners & Patrols

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