GSP 04-18 Easter Arrangements



I attach a copy of the Easter arrangements for Mails and Parcels for 2018.

In the main the arrangements are similar to last year, although it is necessary to outline the following:
• All of Saturday parcel operations will be performed on Good Friday to increase the delivery footprint for parcels and packets.
• Under the C&D Agreement attendance for pre-2006 staff is paid as overtime.
• Good Friday is a normal working day for new entrants. However, where an attendance is required that is shorter than the normal working day, all staff will be paid overtime for the attendance.
• The same areas are due to be delivered as applied last year. In some areas the FTE reductions will have resulted in changes to duties. This will be further complicated in some offices where interim arrangements remain in place. Local discussions should take place to ensure arrangements are in place to provide delivery services at all locations as applied last year.
• Branches are reminded that attendances on a day off attract a minimum 3-hour paymentEaster Arrangements 2018

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