GSP15-22 Increase due to Pensioners



You will be aware from GS Circular, GSP 12/22 issued on the 24th June 2022, that arising from the Pay Agreement with An Post and the Pension Accord, a 2% increase in pensionable pay applies from the 1st January 2022. An Post previously applied the increase to staff and pensionable pay scales.

The Union, working with the Company, has been seeking approval by the Department for Environment, Climate and Communications, and the Department for Public Expenditure and Reform, to apply the increase to Pensioners.

I am very pleased to confirm that Ministerial consent has been granted by both Departments to enable An Post to make the payment.

An Post has confirmed immediate arrangements to process the payments due to Pensioners, with the increase and arrears to be paid on the 30th September 2022.

A further 2% pensionable increase effective from the 1st January 2023, will be processed as early as possible in Q1 2023 which requires Ministerial approval.

Separately, the Union is engaged with An Post management on a review of the Pension Accord, to examine the possibility of securing additional pensionable increases for members and pensioners.

I wish to acknowledge your assistance in the Unions efforts to secure payment of the agreed increase to our retired members and request that you bring this circular to the attention of our retired colleagues.

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