GSP 33-20 Medisan Fund



The Union would like to follow-up on a recent Company communication issued to members in relation to the Medisan Fund. This Fund was established to provide financial assistance to employees of An Post and eir who were suffering from a range of serious illnesses, including but not limited to cancer, cardiac diseases, conditions of the central nervous system, and addiction-related illnesses.

We would like to draw attention to the testimonials from CWU members who have benefitted from the Fund; the assistance provided to members of the Fund during the uncertain and worrying times of illness cannot be measured purely in terms of money. The sentiment expressed in these testimonials, which is reflected in others that we have highlighted previously over the years in Connect, is the peace of mind that members have experienced without the added stress of financial worries during their illness.

This Fund offers a wide range of benefits, such as, assistance with hospital expenses, grants towards consultation and medication, health insurance provider shortfalls, and assistance for members on reduced pay, for a small nominal contribution of only €1.50 per week. These benefits exceed our own Social Benefit Sickness Scheme, which is strictly limited to topping up wages for members on reduced pay, with no grants towards medical bills covered.

The Union recommends that all members give serious consideration to the merits of joining the Medisan Fund. As this year has starkly proven, the future and our health are both uncertain and fragile, so we should take the necessary steps to invest in both now.


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