GSP 27-20 An Post Worker Director Elections 2020




You will be aware from a previous GS Circular the CWU has nominated five candidates to contest the election for the five Worker Director positions on the Board of An Post.  This Union’s nominations are:

Frank Burke                CWU DMC, Dublin

Anthony McCrave    CWU Dundalk DSU

William Mooney        CWU GPO, Dublin

 Martina O’Connell   CWU Mails & Parcels, Cork

 Gerry Sexton             CWU Dublin, DSU 8

The CWU candidates have developed a wealth of experience and have built up enormous trust and respect over many years through their trojan and tireless work on behalf of the members of the CWU.  Individually, they each have a long track record in putting our members’ interests first. Collectively they will represent our common interest in a highly influential manner at Board level, which is the highest decision making forum in An Post.

CWU Election Strategy

To achieve our objective and maximise our influence the Executive Council has adopted a careful strategy of vote management which, with your support, will ensure this Union’s five candidates are all elected to the five positions of the Board of An Post. To this end each candidate has been allocated a number of Branches so as to ensure that the required number of first preference votes is available to them. The allocation of Branches, as outlined in the attachment to this GS Circular, has been accepted unanimously by the Union’s five candidates.

All members are earnestly requested to co-operate wholeheartedly with this approach by voting Number 1 for their allocated candidate and to continue their preferences by voting 2, 3, 4, and 5 for the remaining CWU candidates, in order of their choice.

In fully adhering to the Union’s strategy, thereby electing the team of five CWU candidates, you the members will deliver a very strong message to the Board and Management of the Company, the Department of Communications, and ComReg.

Election Arrangements:

  • All eligible staff will be issued, by registered post, a ballot paper and a prepaid return addressed envelope by the 5th October 2020.
  • Completed ballot papers must be returned by post during the period 5th  October to 13th  October 2020 (inclusive).
  • The count of votes will take place on the 16th October 2020 and overseen by a Dublin Local Authority Returning Officer
  • Due to COVID-19 restrictions Candidates are not permitted to visit workplaces to engage with members directly.

The particular circumstances in which this election takes place, presents an additional challenge for the CWU organisation. It is critical to our success that Branch Secretaries are meticulous in their approach, most particularly in respect of the Ballot arrangements.  In this regard the full support of Head Office, NEC members and CWU Regional Officers are available to assist with any issues.

 Your cooperation is both acknowledged and appreciated

Attachment to GSP 27-20 An Post Worker Director Elections

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