GSP 26-21 Special Antigen Mailings



The Company  have been requested by the HSE to deliver Antigen Test Kits on Wednesday 29th December 2021, to support the response to expected increase in Covid cases over the Christmas period.


The original plan for Wednesday 29th December was for parcel only delivery, to a limited urban footprint (usual Saturday delivery plan). However, the Company requirement is to increase this to  a full nationwide delivery of barcode product.  The delivery of Antigen Test Kits will be prioritised on all routes.  The attendance will be for four hours at the normal overtime rates.  A full attendance of staff on Thursday 30th and Friday 31st December is critical to ensuring that Antigen Test Kits are distributed in a timely manner in support of the HSE objective to mitigate the spread of Covid.

The Company  intends increasing  the scope of the limited parcel delivery operation planned for Monday 3rd January and this will be the subject of further discussion.

Given the National challenge posed by the Omicron Variant the Union is strongly urging Members to cooperate with the above initiatives.

The Company will contact Branches tomorrow to arrange the necessary attendances.

The tests will be processed at the DPH site and prioritised for immediate despatch to the DSUs.  Arrangements for staffing will be communicated locally.

I appreciate the short notice but would appeal to members to again continue to demonstrate our readiness to maintain essential services for the communities we serve.

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