GSP 25-20 Worker Director Elections



I refer you to  GS Circular 19-20 relating  to the Worker Director Elections at An Post.

I  wish to confirm the National Executive Council has agreed the nomination of the following CWU candidates to contest the Election at An Post under the Worker Participation (State Enterprises) Act 1977–2001.

Communications Workers’ Union – Nominations 

  1.   Frank Burke Dublin
  2.   Anthony McCrave Dundalk
  3.   Willie Mooney Dublin
  4.   Martina O’Connell Cork
  5.   Gerry Sexton Dublin

The Union wishes to record its sincere appreciation to Noel Adamson, Thomas Devlin and Niall Phelan, outgoing Worker Directors that decided not to go forward this year, for their service at the Board on behalf of the members of the Union.

It was the Union’s preference, particularly in the current pandemic climate, not to have an election. We offered AHCPS and Fórsa the opportunity to agree a candidate between them, with CWU prepared to agree to nominate four. Unfortunately the other two Unions were unable to agree a candidate which means an election will take place in October.

Branches will be advised separately of the Union’s strategy and approach in the campaign to have the five CWU candidates elected to represent the staff of An Post at Board level.  Please bring this circular to the attention of all members.

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