GSP 21-22 Peak/Xmas Arrangements 2022



I wish to advise you of the outcome of discussions with An Post in respect of the resourcing arrangements to apply for the Peak/Xmas pressure period. The delay in finalising agreement, which was concluded today with the assistance of the Monitoring Group, was mainly attributable to the delay on the Company’s part in presenting proposals to the Union. The Company explanation for the delay is the volume uncertainty associated with the economic climate and the worrying threat to volumes from the UK. While there is some level of understanding of this, the Union has outlined that staff working in the C&D area of the Company are entitled to have certainty of required attendances.

The following are the agreed arrangements to apply for 2022:

  • The nationwide commencement date is Saturday 10th December 2022
  • The overtime package in all areas will be broadly in line with 2021, save for the adjustments below:
    • Monday 5th December to Friday 9th December, one hours’ overtime will be applied to every delivery route each day, which forms part of the overall locally agreed overtime package
    • Any required hours worked above that will be managed in accordance with the “Cessation of Late Finish Agreement”
    • Saturday 10th December 2022 nationwide delivery, 8.5 hour attendance
    • Saturday 17th December 2022 nationwide delivery, 10 hour attendance
    • All offices will have a pool of a minimum of 45 hours, inclusive of the above
    • At provincial DSUs over this amount, a reduction of 10% will apply
    • In Dublin, a reduction to 75hrs in realigned DSUs and 56hrs in non-realigned DSUs will apply
    • Saturday 24th December 2022, delivery of barcoded items/no letter delivery – normal Saturday arrangements

Branches should now finalise local arrangements in accordance with the above. Please revert to the CWU Regional Officers if assistance is required.

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