GSP 21-20 Pay in An Post



You will be aware the terms of the Union /Company pay agreement expired on the 30th April 2020. Discussions regarding a proposed new pay agreement were at an advanced stage at the time of the commencement of the COVID-19 Pandemic. However, this crisis torpedoed finalisation of those discussions resulting in An Post issuing the attached letter to the Group of Unions on the 9th June 2020. This followed the direct communication to staff by the CEO of An Post, in which he set out the changing landscape arising from the crises, and the massive shift in income lines and potential impact on Company finances.  The Union is conducting a review of the information as outlined in his communication but to date the word from our activists on the ground seems to support his view that letter volumes have collapsed.


From the Union’s perspective we dedicated resources towards addressing the Health & Safety issues of staff in tandem with maintaining and operating essential postal services. In this regard all in An Post can be immensely proud of our achievements. Having done so, the Union then sought a revenue efficient bonus payment for all staff in recognition of their achievements. Following discussion with An Post I am pleased to confirm agreement that full time staff will receive a €300  (pro rata for part time staff) One For All Voucher, which ensures payment in the most tax efficient manner. The conditions surrounding this payment are that staff must have worked during the reference period of 16th March to 12th June 2020. The average hours worked by part time staff will be reflected in the value of the voucher. Arrangements are underway to issue these to members and it is envisaged this will be completed by the middle of July.


With regard to a future Pay agreement the CWU National Executive has accepted we pause the discussions until September, at which time we will hopefully have more certainty of the impact of the pandemic on the company finances. It is expected that by then it will be clearer if the return of letter volumes and transactions at Post Offices has materialised following the final phased implementation of return to business. There is no doubt the Trade Union movement will be faced with the usual clamour from IBEC and any new Government for pay restraint, which is the traditional claim in a crises and there is no doubt these will add to the major challenges we will encounter in the formation of a new pay agreement in An Post.


However, there are also many issues and challenges facing our members with regard to Pay, Pension and the impact from the Company transformation agenda.  The Union and Company have successfully steered a course to offset the worst aspects of COVID and it is our view the long term prospects are more positive as a result. It is our intention to positively engage with An Post Senior management to secure the best pay terms possible, with a timeline for conclusion in advance of our Biennial Conference which is scheduled for mid-October 2020. Please bring this circular to the attention of all members in An Post.

Attachment to GSP 21-20 re Pay in An Post

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