GSP 18-23 An Post National Route Design Programme



In accordance with the Transformation Agreement, the company commenced the National Route Design Programme, on the 12thJune 2023. The status of the local engagement is outlined in the attachment to this circular, which in summary is as follows:

Phase 1 Offices 10 implemented.

6 planned for go-live by the 23rdOctober 2023.

4 in process with a target go-live by the 6thNovember 2023.

Phase 2 Offices  4 agreed

12 in process

In my communication to members on the 3rd  of July 2023 I outlined the company objective to have 35 offices implemented in advance of the PEAK/Xmas pressure period. Notwithstanding the full cooperation and support of the CWU, this ambitious plan will not be achieved .

Nonetheless an unprecedented level of change has been implemented in record time, with critically quality of service maintained as confirmed by a range of quality measures including Amazon data.

It is recognised these changes have been difficult for members as each office has its own unique issues and staff impact to deal with. However, we must remember that this agreement provides for the delivery of one of the most important issues for the Union and one that I set out clearly was a primary objective for me when I took office – bridging the pay gap between pre and post 2006 members in Final Mile Operations.

I wish to record the Unions appreciation of the trojan work by Branch/ Regional Officers in ensuring that local input has been heard and our members have had the opportunity to feed into the initial design to ensure better outcomes. It is testimony to their hard work that only one issue necessitated referral to the Monitoring Group. That issue concerned the treatment of E-trike routes in duty competitions.  I have attached a copy of that determination now for your information.

 While many aspects of the design approach have been positive, it is clear there are a number of components we need to review. It is not my intention to pre-empt the outcome of any review, however the sequencing of delivery points is a common item of complaint and frustration. This is very much fixable at no additional cost with assistance from the Planners and the Union will seek to have this enshrined in the process going forward.

In terms of what will happen between now and post Peak/Xmas Pressure , we have agreed the following approach with the company:

  • Implementation/Go live to cease from week 45 (7thNovember).
  • Agree PEAK/Xmas Arrangements for 2023.
  • Finalise Phase 2a Offices and Duty Competitions by week 45.
  • In mid-November conduct joint review of experiences/ learnings to date.
  • Joint Review of 2024 roll out plan.

In preparation for the review, the Union will hold its own workshop involving the Branch Secretaries at the 35 Offices, C&D Group and Regional/National Officers. The objective is to ensure the designs are

implemented with local involvement and support in tandem with ensuring the financial benefits are paid by the company to the agreed timelines.

Where agreement on any issue is not possible the agreement provides for referral for examination and determination by the Labour Court appointed Monitoring Group, which is binding on both parties.

Attachment to GSP 18-23 DSU Summary Listing phase 1 and 2a

Attachment to GSP 18-23 Montoring Group e-Trikes


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