GSP 16-22 Process for Sourcing Alternative Safety Footwear



The Health and Safety Sub Committee of the Joint Conciliation council concluded agreement for the provision of a choice of safety footwear i.e., boots or for shoes, which were issued for the first time as part of the Uniform distribution for 2022.


Safety Footwear is part of an employee’s Personal Protective Equipment. As such every employee, including managers and casual staff supplied with safety footwear has an obligation to wear the footwear as their duties require. The Company has advised the Union they will strictly enforce this, with continuing failure to wear the appropriate footwear addressed with the employee through the Company Disciplinary Procedure.


Following agreement on the choice of footwear we have reviewed the process for issuing replacement or alternative footwear as there may be times when for medical or other reasons the Safety Boots / Shoes may not be suitable. Set out below is the new agreed process.


The new Safety footwear should be worn for a period of at least two weeks to allow for a breaking in period. If after that period of time an employee is experiencing discomfort with the wearing of the boot / shoe, at that stage they should report the matter in writing to their manager setting out the level of discomfort being experienced. The report should include any updated medical evidence they may have to support the position.


If a request for alternative footwear is approved the following will apply:


  • The Manager will provide the staff member with the safety standard specifications that any footwear must comply to
  • The Staff member sources and purchases footwear that complies to the safety standard
  • The Staff member shows the footwear and packaging to the Line Manager who will check that they comply with the safety standard.


Safety Standard


The Safety Footwear must meet the following standard:


  • CE marked and meet the EN 20345:2011 Standard for Safety Footwear
  • Meet S3 category standard and slip resistant to a SRC rating. S2 rating is acceptable for Indoor Staff only
  • Shoe / boot must be predominantly black in colour


A refund of up to €80 or the cost price is allowable, whichever is lower.


Faulty Safety Footwear Replacement


If the safety footwear is damaged / faulty this should be reported to the Line Manager in the first instance. The employee should continue to wear the safety footwear until a replacement is provided. The Manager will contact a dedicated email address and advise them of the requirement to replace faulty footwear. Replacement footwear will normally be provided within 7 days of the request.


All of the above will be reviewed based on experience and if members have any difficulties, they should bring them to the attention of their Branch Secretary.


Please bring this circular to the attention of all members.


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