GSP 15-23 Voluntary Transfer Policy Mails and Parcels



You will be aware from GS Circular 21/21 the Union concluded agreement on a new Transfer Policy which was implemented with effect, from 15th November 2021. We agreed to review this policy based on experience, which we recently completed with An Post.

This review, identified one area of concern in relation to the seniority of transferred employees. While the previous policy addressed how vacancies would be filled i.e., either from the transfer list or by appointment of temporary staff, it did not address how the seniority of the transferee would be determined particularly in relation to temporary staff.

Following discussion it is agreed to insert the following clarification in the policy:

If an employee transfers into an office and an existing employee in the office is later appointed, they will not go ahead of the transferee on the seniority list in circumstances where the transferee’s date of application for inclusion on the list, precedes the employment of the existing employee in the office.

The Union is satisfied this addresses the matter in a fair and reasonable manner and is compliance with the Monitoring Group Determinations in respect of Seniority.

A further review of the policy will be conducted in two years.


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