GSP 13-23 Clerical Stream Members Feedback Survey



You will be aware from GSG Circular No. 02/22 issued on 7th February 2022, that the National Executive Council agreed to conduct a complete review of all aspects of the Unions’ business as part of the ‘Shaping the Future Union’ strategy.  This approach was unanimously endorsed at the Biennial Conference in May 2022.

Central to our agreed strategy is the requirement to make the best use of our resources to maintain and improve services to members.  Critical to doing this, is to have a Branch Structure that works best for the organisation and members.

The purpose of this survey is to hear your views on improvements that your Union can make to improve engagement, representation and participation of our Clerical members and to get your input on the best branch structure that can support this.

In addition, there are questions on career progression and training which we would welcome your feedback on.

 I am now inviting you to participate in that survey which you can access via this link;

Please note the survey will close on Friday 15th September 2023.

 The findings of this survey will undoubtedly inform the Union on the best way forward.


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