GSP 12-22 Increase due to Pensioners



You will be aware that arising from the recent Pay Agreement with An Post and the Pension Accord, a 2% increase in pensionable pay applies from the 1st January 2022. An Post has paid the increase and also applied the pensionable increase to the agreed pay scales.

Separately the company has been seeking approval from the Department to apply the increase to Pensioners. Unfortunately, notwithstanding their best-efforts, approval has not been forthcoming.

Following representations made by the CWU, underlining the serious nature of this delay, An Post management had a positive meeting with the relevant Department officials yesterday and a commitment to respond within two weeks was given.

Notwithstanding this, we believe there is no justification for the delay to date and therefore I have made direct representations to the Minister, on behalf of pensioners, which hopefully will result in immediate payment.

I am aware of the financial stress this delay is adding to pensioners at this particular time and wish to assure we will do our utmost to secure their entitlements.

I attach a copy of the correspondence, which you should relay to retired members. I will revert to you further as soon as we receive confirmation of the payment date.

Attachment to GSP 12-22 re Pensioners Pay

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