GSP 10-22 Medical/Drug Refund Schemes and Healthwave




Following a review of the above schemes I wish to appraise you of the outcome of discussions with An Post, as outlined below.

Staff in An Post, up to Level 3, are permitted to join the Medical & Drug Refund Schemes, by way of €2 per week membership fee. All staff are enrolled unless they specifically decide to opt out, with the clear understanding they may not join at a future date. New employees will now be enrolled from their start date and the benefits will be available, following 6 months contributions.


  • Free medical attendance with a Company appointed Doctor. Members will be assigned to a Company Doctor in their area.
  • In areas where there is no Company appointed Doctor within 15km of the employee’s home, a refund of the employee’s private Doctor (General Practitioner) fees will be provided, pending appointment of a Company Doctor.


  • Provision of prescription medicines, up to the threshold (currently €100) under the Government Drugs Payment Scheme, where these have been prescribed for the employee by the Company appointed Doctor or, in areas where there is no Company appointed Doctor, by the employee’s private Doctor, or by a hospital Doctor.


  • Prescription medicines provided by Healthwave, with only HSE reimbursed medicines included in the scheme. Generic brands will always be used where available.


  • All members of the Scheme must be enrolled in the Healthwave pharmacy service. Where an employee has a repeat prescription, they must use Healthwave as the pharmacy provider. The prescription must be posted to Healthwave. Once Healthwave have an original prescription on file, employees can order medicines in the following ways:


  • By text message
  • By e mail
  • By phone
  • By automatic refill (Healthwave will set the prescription to automatically re-order).


  • When medication is required as a matter of urgency, a once off purchase at a local pharmacy can be made and the cost will be refunded. Only emergency medications will be refunded through expenses, all other medications must be ordered via Healthwave.


  • Employees who are members of the Scheme but not yet registered with Healthwave should contact Healthwave by texting 086-1800896, or email, stating their name, employee number, and that they are a new member of the An Post medical scheme. A Healthwave pharmacist will be in touch to answer any queries and get you started.


  • Family members of An Post employees and An Post Pensioners may also be enrolled free as members of Healthwave which will enable them to obtain prescription medicines at substantial discounts of up to 50% on normal pharmacy For this purpose, family members are defined as:


    • Spouses / partners
    • Any children up to age 23

The schemes will be reviewed on an ongoing basis, including the €2 membership fee to ensure the scheme is self-financing and does not result in revenue determining it to be taxable for a benefit in kind. Should members encounter any difficulty they should in the first instance, raise the matter with the company or service provider. Any unresolved issue should then be referred to your Branch Secretary.

Please bring this circular to the attention of all members.

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