GSP 10-21 Easter Arrangements



Following discussions with An Post management regarding the Easter 2021 arrangements to apply this year, I can confirm the following will apply.

In response to CWU representations, the Company has confirmed it will not extend the attendances over and above what has traditionally applied on Good Friday. The reasons for this include the further 12% letter mail volume decline against last year’s volume, which also saw a significant drop in letter mail accelerated by COVID. As a consequence, the Company contemplated having no letter delivery on Good Friday this year but deferred this service change until next year.

In respect of parcels/packets, it is accepted the Company is operating at near peak and significant resources are required to achieve nationwide clearance on Tuesday. Originally the company’s intention was to have no delivery on Saturday and increase attendances for Monday. It has changed the plan and intend having a mix of attendances on Saturday and Bank Holiday Monday. Instructions will issue to Area Managers/DSMs to have staff attendances in place to plan and organise for anticipated volumes, including rural duties where necessary. This is an improved position from last year where there was no agreement for a Monday attendance with Saturday restricted to include some outer urban areas not delivered on Good Friday.

The Union has made it abundantly clear that where Area management make a miscalculated decision to restrict or curtail attendances in any area or duty, it will not be a matter for delivery staff to carry the burden of their flawed decision. In such circumstances Branches can feel free to respond in kind, by advising members to finish on time on Tuesday. Discussions should then take place as to how the consequential backlog created by management can be dealt with. The assistance of the CWU Regional Officers is available to address any issues as required.

Good Friday, 2nd April 2021


  • Full delivery
  • All 5.30pm collections from post boxes after the latest time posting (LTOP). Full scanning compliance is required for all collections.


  • Deliveries in areas as applied in 2020
  • Full AM clearance of all PBs & all Post Offices (into Lockups etc). Full scanning compliance is required for all collections.


  • Post Offices will be open until 1pm on Good Friday and will remain closed on Easter Saturday.
  • The MDN Network will operate to a Bank Holiday type schedule.

Easter Saturday, 3rd April 2021

The current Saturday parcel delivery arrangements will be extended, based on volumes, to include some outer urban areas not delivered on Good Friday. No Collections

Easter Sunday, 4th April & Monday 5th April 2021

No Collections.

Tuesday 6th April 2021

  • Current weekday Mails &Parcels Operational arrangements will apply.
  • Delivery routes which did not have a delivery on Good Friday, overtime where warranted, will be allowed based on the volumes on hand for delivery per route.

The late notification by the company to the Union of their intended arrangements has resulted in a short time frame to finalise local agreement. Nonetheless Branches should engage locally to finalise the arrangements and refer any disagreed issues to the CWU Regional Officer in the first instance.

Please bring this circular to the attention of members.

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