GSP 09-22 Easter Arrangements 2022




Following discussion with An Post regarding Easter 2022, I can confirm the following arrangements will apply this year. Notwithstanding the further decrease in letter mail volumes the company has prudently decided not to proceed with its intent to cease deliveries on Good Friday this year. This is in response to representations by the Union that on the last two previous bank holidays, mails operations forecasts were seriously out of kilter, resulting in delivery staff having to bear the brunt. Furthermore, DPH/DMC is struggling to cope with the flawed review and implementation of staffing, together with a bizarre decision to release temporary staff at a time of high absence due to COVID.

While the decision to retain the Good Friday delivery is welcome, the situation remains the same for staff in areas where there is no delivery on Good Friday. The obligation is on management to ensure there is sufficient resources in place on the following Tuesday. Branches should ensure agreement is reached in advance of delivery commencing as per the Cessation of late finish agreement.


Good Friday, 15th April 2022


  • Full delivery
  • All 5.30pm collections from post boxes after the latest time of posting (LTOP). Full scanning compliance is required for all collections
  • There will be no 4pm collections except where post boxes have a LTOP prior to 5.30 pm
  • Collections to be performed (prior to 1pm) at Post Offices which did not receive a 5.30 pm collection on Thursday 14th April



  • Town deliveries only as per 2021. Collections as per requests from customers
  • Full AM clearance of all Post Boxes & all Post Offices as per 2021 (into Lockups etc)
  • Full scanning compliance is required for all collections



  • Post Offices will be open until 1pm on Good Friday and will remain closed on Easter Saturday
  • The MDN Network schedule will be confirmed separately by the company


Easter Saturday, 16th April 2022

  • All DSUs to process all incoming parcels
  • All containers to be cleared and prepared for repatriation on Sunday
  • Limited parcel delivery, details to be provided locally
  • Collections as per customer requests
  • MDN may Volumes will dictate (Hub to Hub only)


Easter Sunday, 17th April 2022

  • No Deliveries. Collections as per customer requests
  • The MDN Inter-Hub Network will operate to a Bank Holiday type schedule
  • Pre -Lim despatches to specified DSUs to be organised locally


Easter Monday, 18th April 2022

  • Parcel delivery in urban areas (in line with normal Saturday barcoded parcel catchment)
  • Additional high-volume areas to be included (Heavy Rural Areas and smaller towns)
  • Collections as per customer requests
  • The MDN Inter-Hub Network will operate to a Bank Holiday type schedule
  • Pre- Lim despatches to DSUs to clear forecasted high volumes


Tuesday 19th April 2022

  • Normal Operational arrangements will apply


Please bring this circular to the attention of all members.


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