GSP 08-24 Local and European Election Mailings



I wish to appraise you of the agreed arrangements with An Post for the delivery of the additional Mailings associated with the Local/ European Elections scheduled for Friday the 7th June 2024.

Election Material:

A delivery schedule is attached to this circular, which identifies the dedicated delivery days for each party.

Delivery payment rates for  the parties will be 17c for each household delivered over a two day window.  There will also be a number of Independents/smaller parties running in the election, which will mean that on some days there will be mailings for more than one party/candidate, and on such dates the following payment rates will apply:

  • 17c for the first party candidate mailing
  • 5c for each subsequent mailing.

All election material must be delivered in full at least two days before the polling day.

Local arrangements will be put in place for the division of election material.  However, in the first instance, any spare staff capacity within the DSU or DSO will be utilized for this work.

Polling Cards:

Delivery of polling cards will commence as soon as possible after they arrive in an office.  They must be delivered in full before Wednesday the 5th of June.

They will also attract 17c per household.

The CAD figure for each route must be used rather than the publicity post figure.


The Company and the Union have committed to carrying out an exercise on the volume difference between Unique and non Unique address points in advance of any future election mailings.


Attachment re GSP 08-24 Euro Election 2024 Mailing Schedule

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