GSP 06-23 Disability Policies



28 March 2023

The Union is pleased to advise that An Post have launched a new Reasonable Accommodation Policy, and a newly enhanced Disability Inclusion Policy. These policies have been the subject of discussion through the JCC Diversity Sub-Committee and have been developed with the Group of Unions to ensure that employees with disabilities are aware of the supports available to them.


Disclosing Your Disability

 The disclosure of a disability can be a difficult decision; however, any employee may do so in strict confidence to the Company. The information submitted will be stored securely with only authorised senior HR allowed to access this information as required. A Disclosing Your Disability form is available which will allow the Company to respond to employees’ disability-related needs.

Reasonable Accommodation Policy

It is important that our members have a good understanding of how reasonable accommodation can assist disabled employees. The purpose of the new Reasonable Accommodation policy is to support a disabled employee should they require an accommodation so as to facilitate them in their role.

Reasonable Accommodation Passport

In association with the Reasonable Accommodation Policy, the Company is also piloting a new initiative called the Reasonable Accommodation Passport in the Corporate Centre.  The Reasonable Accommodation Passport documents the employee’s accommodation, so as to avoid the need to seek the accommodation again if job circumstances change, e.g., a new line manager is appointed.  The Union welcomes this development as a direct benefit to the disabled employee. A disabled employee working in the Corporate Centre, can request the Reasonable Accommodation Passport through the Disclosing Your Disability online form.

Both the Disability Inclusion and the Reasonable Accommodation policies are available in an accessible format on the Company Intranet, and at

The Union is confident that these new policies will make a positive impact on our members seeking accommodation in the workplace as well as creating awareness for all members around disability issues.

Members with queries regarding Reasonable Accommodation are also encouraged to contact their Branch Secretary.

Please bring this circular to the attention of all members in your area.

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