GSP 05-23 Relocation to EXO Building



I wish to update you regarding An Post’s plan to relocate its Corporate HQ to the EXO premises.

In January 2021 the Group of Unions, following a ballot of members on the WRC pay proposal, agreed to co-operate with the Transformation of the Corporate Centre/ Business Support areas through Project Simplify, Transformation and relocation to a new Corporate HQ. Both parties committed to concluding discussions on relocation by the end of March 2021 with a view to its implementation.

The move to the new Corporate HQ (EXO Building) has been hampered by COVID and a number of other factors, which suffice to say have been addressed, with the company now confirming its readiness to commence relocation in the coming weeks.

The majority of the GPO staff will move to the EXO Building shortly and a minority will stay in the GPO pending its hand over of the premises to the appropriate state agency.  Although we were originally advised some of the staff in the GPO were not scheduled to move to the EXO at this time and possibly for a further three years, it now appears that this may be as short as 18 months. The public office and museum will remain in place even after all staff relocating have moved to the EXO.

Against the shifting background outlined above, the Group of Unions have been endeavouring to secure agreement with An Post management on a range of issues associated with the move to the EXO and the temporary occupation of the GPO.  

 The status of discussions to date are as follows:

 Staff Deployment

The Union requested the company provide the full details of the proposed staff deployment. The company has however now confirmed the following Sections will move (numbers are indicative):

  • GTS (213), Digital (15), Security (17) and Corporate Centre-Security (14)
  • Mails and Parcels (234) Inc customer service, Internal Audit (12)
  • Retail (175), Comms (14),   HR (61),   Data Privacy (7) , Procurement (15) and  CTO (10)
  • Finance (71), Legal (14),  Reg Affairs (5) , Management Board(8) and Property (4)

We have requested a more detailed breakdown for each section.

The target relocation is planned for the end of March commencing with GTS and PCI and Facilities, followed by a staggered move with groups of circa 15 staff moving at a time over the following weeks.

The company has confirmed all staff in the EXO will be provided with personal lockers and are considering what the requirements are for the GPO staff also.


The catering contract has been awarded in the EXO with an improved food offering. The contract for catering in the GPO is also out for tender.

Remote Working

The remote working hub in Athlone is complete with Naas expected to open shortly. The Remote/Hybrid Working Test & Learn pilot continues, and any feedback is welcome. The formal application process for remote/hybrid working will commence shortly. The Right to Disconnect policy will be implemented at the same time as the Remote/Hybrid Policy.

Ancillary Staff

There will be no An Post staff for security or cleaning purposes in the new offices. There will be a clerical receptionist in place at the EXO. The mail room will operate from the GPO with an etrike provided to staff who will attend in the EXO probably twice a day. The company will advance proposals to reduce Cleaning/Patrols resourcing to reflect the scaled back operation required in the GPO.


At our meeting last week, the company undertook to update on PCI/GTS. On receipt of this correspondence the Union will communicate directly with our members in these areas.

Voluntary Severance

The company has advised that they will shortly confirm to staff whether their application for voluntary severance can be accommodated.

Career Paths/Duty Competition

 The much-delayed CDAP (duty competition) process is well underway.  The company is seeking to change the current agreed process. We are not prepared to change this without agreement on an alternative approach. In this context, the Union requires the company to set out how in the “new world of work” it will facilitate and support staff development and career progression.

 Transformation/Sharing of Savings

 We are in discussions with the company in respect of the transformation/relocation and savings associated with the above projects and how they can be shared with staff.  There is a requirement to conclude these discussions in advance of the move. We have confirmed our availability for discussions and agreement and if necessary for early referral to the Monitoring Group.

Move Ambassadors

 The company has appointed a number of EXO Move Ambassadors to assist with the preparations for the major undertaking of moving house. Their brief is to act as a liaison for each section. They will keep staff informed of the logistics associated with the move and to help familiarise staff with the EXO. The Unions have agreed their role with the Company and would encourage you to give them your support.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Move Ambassador’s role does not involve any industrial relations functions and we will keep you up to-date on these as we continue to engage with the Company on the matters of concern to you.

The Union intends to complete overall agreement as soon as possible to have certainty and clarity for staff assigned to the GPO in respect of the issues outlined above. Any additional issues not comprehended by this circular at local/national level will be dealt with as they arise.

Please bring this circular to the attention of all members.

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