GSG 05-21 AGMs 2021 and Branch Accounts



As outlined in GS Circular 32/20 Branches were advised of the two options which the NEC agreed for conducting Branch AGM’s while we are in the midst of the pandemic. It is clear now that it will not be possible to hold meetings or gatherings until at least September.  Therefore, it is important that we make every effort to ensure the business of the Union is conducted in a timely fashion as set out in the rules. It is also important we ensure members are provided with the opportunity to communicate with their Branch Representatives and to hear about the working of the Union in the past and coming year.

We have successfully organised a number of AGMs remotely, using zoom and would encourage branches to avail of this option.

We have the technicians booked in to assist branches from 18th March to 23rd March with some slots already booked.  Any Branch interested in holding their meeting with the assistance of headquarters should contact

Our auditors have advised us to remind Branches of the requirement to finalise Branch Accounts in accordance with rule 3.2.3. All financial reports should be sent to Fan Ryan (



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