GSP 05-19 Local/European Elections & Referendum Mailing



I wish to appraise you of the agreed arrangements with An Post for the delivery of the additional mailings associated with the Local/European Elections and the constitutional Referendum scheduled for Friday the 24th May 2019.

Election Material

A delivery schedule is attached to this circular, which identifies the dedicated delivery days for each party. The arrival/delivery dates for Independents, within this schedule, will be advised locally by the Company. Delivery payment rates for the Parties and the first Independent mailing of the ‘Litir um Thoghchán’ election postings will be at 17c for each household delivered to. For each additional posting for Independents a payment of 5c will be made for each  household delivered to. All election material must be delivered in full, at least two days before the polling day.

Referendum Material  

The Referendum Commission will issue an information booklet ( 33g) to be delivered via the standard Publicity Post service, with the payment being 3c per item. This information pamphlet will arrive into the mail centres a number of weeks prior to the voting date and all booklets should be fully delivered by Friday 17th May 2019. The Referendum booklet should be delivered to all addresses, including businesses and houses displaying a ‘no junk mail’ sign. It is critical that the mailing is not bundled with any other publicity post mailing.

Polling Cards

It is expected that polling cards will begin arriving in offices from the second week of May. Delivery of these cards may be commenced immediately on receipt and these must be delivered in full at least two days before the polling day. Whilst local arrangements will be put in place to divide polling cards on receipt, the utilisation of spare capacity within the DSU/DSO will be made in the first instance for this work. In this instance, postings will be at 17c for each household delivered to.

Timetable for Mailings

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