GSP 04-24 Referendum Mailings



I wish to appraise you of arrangements agreed with An Post for the delivery of mailings associated with the upcoming Referendums scheduled for the 8th March   2024.

Referendum Material:

The Referendum Commission will issue an information booklet to be delivered via the standard publicity post service. The payment is 3c per item for  the booklet which  is approximately 40gram in weight. The booklet will be available for delivery between the 19th February 2024 and the 1st March 2024. It should not be delivered in advance of the 19th   February and must be delivered to all addresses, including businesses and houses including those with “no junk mail signs”. We have requested the Company update the delivery point figures to include these.

It is critical that the mailing is not bundled with other publicity post items.

Polling Cards:

The Company has advised there will be significant changes to the presentation and processing of polling cards for this referendum.  It is expected that polling cards will begin arriving in offices incrementally from the 31st January 2024. They can be delivered straight away, but they must be delivered by the 5th March  2024.  The payment for delivery is  17cent per household delivered to.

On this occasion, polling cards will incorporate some additional information for voters in relation to both referendums. The item will look and feel similar to traditional ceadúnas type items, meaning that they should be machinable and sorted to route level. This should reduce the requirement to sub divide polling cards on receipt at offices.  In the event where this cannot be achieved local arrangements will be put in place.

I would appreciate if you would bring the contents of this circular to the attention of all members.

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