GSP 04-23 Retail Workwear




06 March 2023

The Union recently met with the Company to discuss the ordering process for the retail workwear for the coming year. As part of the engagement, we have highlighted the requirement to provide workwear in a timely manner. To facilitate this, it is imperative that the order forms are completed by Thursday 16th March and returned to your Branch Manager. Any delays in returning the order forms will lead to delays with the suppliers fulfilling them.


The current allowance for Retail  Workwear is:


5 Shirts/Blouses (Long or short sleeved or both)

2 trousers or skirts (or one of each)

2 Knitwear or 1 knitwear and one jacket

1 Belt (Male)

1 Tie (Optional)


There is no requirement to order every article of workwear and Clerks should only order what they need.


Prior to winter the Union sought the provision of a fleece for Retail staff. This was on foot of the expectation that the country may be hit with a double whammy of COVID and the flu and offices required to be adequately ventilated. Ventilation is an important factor in reducing the risk of aerosol transmission indoors where individuals may be in close contact particularly in poorly ventilated areas. Within Retail the recommendation to date was to leave windows open.


While the company did not provide a fleece they did provide a Gillet. At our last meeting we agreed  the Company would survey staff on suitability of the Gillet and whether staff found it of benefit or not. This survey will also cover other aspects of the workwear. The Company will conduct the survey in the next few weeks. It is important staff respond and provide feedback as we will review the responses at our next meeting.


Please bring this circular to the attention of all members in Retail.

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