GSP 03-24 An Post National Route Design Programme Update



 In GS Circular 18/23 I set out the status of the An Post National Route Design Programme, together with the intended next steps for the 2024 schedule.

In terms of what has happened since the following offices have also been implemented in January 2024, which completes phase 1.

  • Dundalk
  • Blanchardstown
  • Fonthill

Offices already agreed locally, are scheduled to go live as follows:

  • Cork CDC 12/02/24
  • Cork South City 12/02/24
  • Cork North City 12/02/24
  • Athy 11/03/24
  • Cavan 11/03/24
  • Navan 11/03/24
  • Midleton 11/03/24
  • Killarney 25/03/24


NRDP National Review

In mid-November 2023, a joint review commenced of experiences/ learnings to date from the changes implemented at 17 Delivery Service Units. In preparation for this the Union held a workshop documenting all issues for review with the company. While some progress has been made, you will appreciate it was not possible to progress these issues to finality during the Peak/Xmas pressure and holiday period.

 Local Reviews

In accordance with the agreement, the Union has insisted the local reviews, scheduled to take place after six weeks following go live, are completed. However, there are a number of offices where very little progress has been made on issues identified by the local Branch.

The main route of the problem is the inability of management to address these in a timely fashion and inordinate delay in providing data. Where agreement on any issue is not possible the agreement provides for referral for examination and determination by the Labour Court appointed Monitoring Group, which is binding on both parties. It is therefore imperative all issues are correctly captured in an agreed minute encompassing supporting documentation and signed by both parties.


NDRP 2024 Schedule

The company has had to revise its original schedule from its optimistic target of completing all offices within 18 months. I am aware the revised schedule has been released, which you should be aware has not been agreed by the company with the Union.  It is therefore more indicative of their current expectations. From the Unions perspective, there is a bit of IR sequencing to be completed before advancing to the next phase. Suffice to say the following is the approach the Union has adopted with An Post thus far.


  1. Complete the local reviews and address the issues to an agreed timeline.
  2. Finalise outcome of National Review and apply to next Phase of Offices.
  3. Proceed with revised schedule taking into consideration of Bank/holiday weekends, Referenda and Peak/Xmas 2024.


The C&D Group is overseeing progress on the above and will update the National Executive Council at their next meeting.


I will revert to you further in more detail as soon as possible, but in the meantime I would be appreciative of you bringing the content of this circular to the attention of members.


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