GSP 03-20 Arrangements for General Election Material 2020



You will be aware the government has set the date for a General Election for Saturday 8th February 2020. Because of the relatively short notice and challenging timeline the Union has agreed to the Company proposal the same arrangements will apply as for the most recent elections.

Election Material

A delivery schedule will be provided separately identifying the dedicated delivery days for each candidate/party.  Each party mailing to be delivered on the scheduled days.  Delivery payment rates for the partys’ ‘Litir um Thoghchán’ election postings will be at 17c per household delivered to.

There will be a number of independents/small parties running in this election.  This will mean that on some days there will be mailings for more than one party/candidate.  On such days, in recognition of the additional prep time involved, the following payment rate will apply:

  • 17c for the first party/candidate mailing
  • 5c for each subsequent candidate mailing

All election material must be delivered in full at least two days before the polling day.

Local arrangements will be put in place for the division of election material. However, in the first instance any spare staffing capacity within the DSU or DSO will be utilised for this work.

Polling Cards

It is expected that polling cards will begin arriving in DSUs as soon as presented.  Delivery of these cards may be commenced immediately on receipt, however, all polling cards must be delivered, in full, at least two days before the polling day.

Local arrangements will be put in place to divide polling cards on receipt.  As with other election materials, spare staffing or capacity within the DSU/DSO will be utilised in the first instance for this work.

Payment for the delivery of polling cards will be remunerated separately from election material based on 17c per household delivered to.

Essentially, all delivery staff will be paid 8 x 17c per household delivered for (Fine Gael, Social Democrats, Fianna Fáil, Labour, Green Party, Sinn Féin, Independents/small parties & Polling Cards.

The Union requested additional resources for non-unique addresses, but this was rejected by the Company on the basis it considers there are enough resources in place. However, the Company has agreed to examine at local level any particular route where it is considered there is a difficulty or insufficient resource in place. Branches are directed to document any such instances as the C&D Group will review the arrangements after the election.

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