GSP 02-24 An Post Transformation Agreement – Clerical Admin/Retail



Dear Colleagues,

There have been a number of developments as a result of the An Post Transformation Agreement 2023-2026, which I wish to update you on.

Retail Office Conversions

Under the Agreement, six Company Retail offices are scheduled to be converted to Postmaster Operated offices. The Company has identified the offices which are:

  • New Ross
  • Roscommon
  • Tipperary
  • Tallaght
  • Phibsboro
  • Rathmines

The Branch Managers and staff have been briefed by the Company and the Union has been in contact with the relevant Branch Secretaries. We will arrange meetings with affected staff to discuss their next steps and the options available to them, which include:

  • Voluntary Severance
  • Redeployment/Hybrid Working
  • Postmaster Contract

The company has issued a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ document to staff with a reminder of the availability of the Company’s Occupational Health Support Team, along with the services provided by the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) operated through Spectrum Health. However, members should be advised that the response time for the OHA is below the standard that the CWU believes it should be. Patience is advised and the Union will be raising this matter separately with the Company.

Following engagement with the affected members, the Union will ensure that the Company addresses issues arising in a fair, flexible and equitable manner.

Universal Clerk Pay Update

The Transformation Agreement provides for a 2% increase in pay on each incremental point with 3% at the max of the scale from the 1st January 2024.

The Company has confirmed that this will be implemented by end of March. We have expressed our disappointment at the delay to applying the increase, which is not understood, given the Company had over six months to make the arrangements for this pay increase.

The Union has also made representations on a review of this pay scale in the expectation that the number of increments will be reduced along with an increase in starting pay. A further update will issue on this in due course.

Operational Audit Issues – Monitoring Group Referral

Discussions on the transformation changes of Operational Audit have been taking place for some time. While good progress on the staff impact has been achieved, there is one issue of disagreement that has emerged between the Company and the Union in respect of the appropriate grade for the Audit work on foot of the proposed changes.

This matter has been referred to the Monitoring Group for their consideration.

Central Address Database

Discussions on the company operational changes in CAD are progressing with agreement on a pilot taking place. The pilot will include the Indoor Admin Operative (IAO) in 2 DSU’s (one Dublin one provincial) where it is envisaged they will be the contact point in the DSU. The pilot will also review reporting, training, ‘as is’ processes and network validation.  In conjunction with progressing this project, the CWU will ensure the commitment contained in the agreement to conduct a review of the role and remuneration of the CAD Team Leaders and Validators will be completed.

Please bring the above to the attention of the relevant members in the Branch.



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