GSP 01-22 HSE Mailings 2022



An Post has been requested by Government to provide a nationwide delivery of antigen test kits on behalf of the HSE, over the seven days of each week throughout the month of January 2022.  While recognising the additional demands placed on staff, together with the impact of Covid in our own workplace, the Company and the Union believe we should continue to play our part in supporting the country during this challenging time. The following general arrangements will apply:


  • Daily volumes are forecast to be between 80k and 100k per day from 3 suppliers (Screenlink, JMC and Paragon).
  • The HSE test kits will be processed at DMC and will travel on the existing MDN with the exception of Saturday night into Sunday.  That network will operate using vans where possible to ensure HGV Drivers comply with tacho legislation
  • At DSU/DSOs the weekend overtime allocation for both Saturday and Sunday will be four hour attendances, based on 50% of the number of delivery routes at each location. The broad plan being one Postal Operative cover two routes (prioritising antigen test kits and other barcoded product).  This will enable cover for all routes each day, enabling all available staff work a 5.5 day week. Local engagement should take place to coordinate the attendances on both days, with a view to full clearance of the HSE postings.
  • Exceptionally for this specific posting the higher level (Sunday rate) of overtime pay will be paid for both days.

As previously advised the CWU is fully supportive of the HSE contract and encourages members to make themselves available for the additional attendances required to deliver the items.


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