GSP 01-21 NEC Postal Courier Sector – Women’s Reserve Seat



As per Union rules the Postal/Courier sector of the National Executive Council has two reserved seats for women. At the last BDC only one female candidate applied and accordingly the other seat was left vacant.

This matter was discussed at the National Executive Council meeting on December 11th and it was agreed to seek nominations from Branches for the women’s seat. On receipt of the nominations an election will take place at the February Postal/Courier sectoral meeting in order to fill the remaining reserve seat. The elected candidate will have observer status.

Accordingly, Branches are invited to send in one nomination for a female candidate to head office. The female candidate must be on the Branch committee and nominations are to be received by completing the attached form which must be signed by the Branch Secretary and the female candidate.

The closing date for receipt of nominations is Friday, January 29th.

Attachment to GSP 01-2021 Women’s panel

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