GSG 32-20 Branch AGMs 2021



While there seems to be good news on the horizon in relation to possible vaccines to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems unlikely that the rollout of those vaccines will be concluded until sometime in the early Summer. The knock-on effect of those timelines means that Branch AGMs will have to be adapted to deal with the present circumstances.

You will be aware that the Executive was given advice last year, which allowed the Union to be flexible with the rules in relation to various timelines because of the pandemic. This authority was given to the Union by the regulatory body, the “Registry of Friendly Societies”. Therefore, the NEC has agreed two options for conducting Branch AGMs. It is not necessary for every Branch to adopt the same option, as the different makeups of our Branches will mean that different solutions may be necessary.

  1. Postpone the AGM for a defined period i.e. until May 1st
  2. Conduct AGMs remotely

The National Executive would encourage Branches to plan immediately for conducting AGMs, which must be held in compliance with the H&S guidelines at the time of the meeting. Where it is decided to hold remotely Head Office will provide whatever assistance is necessary.

It is important that we make every effort to ensure the business of the Union is conducted in a timely fashion as set out in the rules. It is equally important we ensure members are provided with the opportunity to communicate with their Branch Representatives and to hear the working of the Union in the past and coming year.

Branches should advise headquarters as soon as possible of their decision and to request Officers attendances at their meeting.

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