GSG 27-20 10th Biennial Conference 2020



I wish to take this opportunity to thank all the Delegates who were involved in our recent CWU Conference, which was conducted remotely.

The Conference in itself was a huge undertaking with over 300 delegates tuning in remotely. It was a major logistical operation, which could not have been successful without the co-operation of each and every one of the Delegates and Branches. The discipline shown to the organisation in order to ensure a successful Conference, was critical and while we hope, we never have to repeat the exercise, there have been many lessons learned that will be of real benefit to the Union and its members into the future.

While we still strongly believe in physical conferences and meetings, it would be remiss of us if we did not examine our recent event with a view to learning and improving on what actually took place. To that end, I would be most obliged if Branch Committees would consider their experience at the Conference and make any suggestions they may have to improve that experience in the event that we have to do it in one shape, form or another in the future.

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