GSG 26-21 Work Safely Protocol



You will be aware the Government, considering, the latest public health advice, has recommended that, everyone should return to working from home, unless it is necessary to attend the workplace in person.

The guidance reflects the importance of us all, where possible, to reduce our number of contacts. The phased return to the workplace has, in recent months, led to an increase in contacts both directly, in the workplace, and indirectly, while travelling to/from the workplace and of course taking part in linked social activities.

Working from home, unless necessary to attend in person, will result in a reduced level of contacts helping prevent the spread of COVID-19 and supporting efforts to minimise the wider economic and social impact of restrictions. It will assist our colleagues in the Health Services, which are again at tipping point from this fourth wave.

In addition to following Government guidance, it is critically important that we all continue to take steps, individually and collectively in our everyday lives, to keep the risk of COVID-19 under control, by:

  • acting fast, isolating, and getting tested if we have symptoms
  • wearing face coverings
  • making sure that indoor spaces are well ventilated
  • maintaining adequate social/physical distancing whenever appropriate
  • covering our coughs and sneezes and keeping our hands clean.

 In support of the above, until 10th January 2022,  CWU Head Office staff will return to remote working, with a rota to apply to ensure services are maintained for members providing essential services. Furthermore, to reduce social contact no onsite meetings will be held at head office.   Christmas gatherings will not take place and Branches are strongly advised to do likewise. At the earliest and appropriate time, when it is safe to do so, we will reschedule the social events.

Hopefully, the necessity to elevate the level of restrictions can be avoided. We each have a part to play, and it is our personal responsibility to take care of each other, by strict adherence to the health advice. Please bring this circular to the attention of all members.

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