GSG 22-21 Updates to Unionlink



We are pleased to advise you that our online learning platform Unionlink has been upgraded recently and you will find it very user-friendly, with a variety of courses on offer. Please note the following:

Digital Photography Course and Competition

Our digital photography course is proving to be very popular. This course gives members the basic skills to go out and enjoy taking photographs, with topics covered such as light and composition, as well as guidance on how to take better photographs. We also would like to remind members of our competition, the closing date for which has been extended to October 8th 2021. Please see attached flyer for further details. 


For our Representatives it is necessary that you complete the GDPR course, which can be found in the Representatives’ section of Unionlink. This course provides information to Workplace Representatives and members about the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which came into force in May 2018. We would ask that all Union Representatives complete this course by November 1st 2021. The enrolment key is GDPR101

We also wish to advise users that, in line with our GDPR responsibilities, accounts that have been inactive for more than three years will be deleted, so please ensure that you keep your account active.

See Change and Stress Awareness

Members will be aware that CWU is a partner with See Change, which works to reduce the stigma associated with mental health problems. The theme of the campaign for September is around exclusion and how it can affect mental health. Unionlink has an online course on Stress Management which we encourage members to use so that they can be pointed towards the relevant supports. We also encourage our members to make use of their EAP services, where available.

Finally, I wish to remind all our members that Unionlink is a free resource to you and is a unique opportunity to develop your skills at a time and place that suits you. Should members have any queries or need assistance accessing courses, they should email Carol Scheffer:

As always, we welcome any feedback from our members on our offering and how it may be enhanced.

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