GSG 15-20 Education Grant Scheme



We refer to GS circular 04/20 in relation to the CWU Education Grant Scheme.

You will be aware that due to the COVID crises all Gaeltacht courses for this summer 2020 have been cancelled and accordingly the CWU draw for this award has also been cancelled.

Following a discussion with the CWU Education Committee it has been decided to reallocate the Gaeltacht grant amount towards the second level scheme thus creating 17 extra second level awards.

We believe that the reallocation of these funds would be of great assistance to members especially during these difficult times.The 3rd level grant is unaffected.

To assist members, we have also decided to extend the closing date for applications for the 2nd level and 3rd level awards to Friday June 19th.

All the criteria as stipulated in circular 04/20 still apply and the 2nd and 3rd level awards will be allocated by a draw to coincide with the upcoming academic year from September 2020.

It will be the responsibility of each member to ensure that their forms are returned on time to Union Head Office as late applications will not be accepted. In that regard we would ask members to post their forms directly to Union HQ by Friday, June 19th, 2020. Forms can also be faxed or emailed into Head Office as long as they are signed by the member.

The education committee will continue to monitor the scheme should there be any further implications due to COVID

Members who have any queries on the scheme or the application process are encouraged to contact Union Head Office directly for further assistance.

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