GSG 15-19 Medical Fund Claims for 2019 – Cut-off Date



In accordance with the Medical Fund rules and continuing normal practice, a cut-off date for claiming on receipts dated in the calendar year 2019 has been set at Friday 17th January 2020. For the avoidance of doubt, any members with receipts dated between 1st January and 31st December 2019 who have not yet submitted such as a Medical Fund claim, must do so before Friday 17th January 2020 or these receipts will no longer be eligible. After Friday 17th January 2020, only receipts dated in the calendar year 2020 will be eligible for claims from the Medical Fund. There will be no extension, under any circumstances, to this cut-off date.

Additionally, members are reminded that they can make only one claim in each category in the calendar year. For clarity, if your receipt has not exceeded the claim limit in the specific category and you submit a Medical Fund claim, you cannot submit a second claim in the same category in the same calendar year. There will be no exceptions, under any circumstances, to this rule.

Medical Fund Claim Form

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