GSG 14-23 New Statutory Work Life Balance Arrangements



Two new rights under the Work Life Balance Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2023 will come into effect from July 3rd. These new provisions are as follows:

  • The extension of breastfeeding breaks from six months to two years
  • The right for parents of children under 12 and carers to take five days’ unpaid leave for medical purposes

Parents and carers are the first cohort to receive rights under this new piece of legislation as outlined above. Employers will therefore need to ensure that their policies are updated in line with these two new provisions from July 3rd.

There are other rights that have been outlined in the legislation but have yet to come into effect. It is anticipated that it will be in the autumn before they are implemented. These are as follows:

  • 5 days’ paid leave for victims of domestic violence
  • the right to request flexible working for parents and carers
  • the right to request remote working for all employees

We would ask members to refer to their own company policies as the Union as part of our diversity and equality agenda has in many places of employment already negotiated 10 days’ paid leave for victims of domestic violence. Therefore, we have negotiated over and above what the new legislation will put in place. Furthermore, the Union has in other employments established already the extension to breastfeeding breaks as part of maternity leave policies which our members should refer to.

We will keep you updated of any further developments with the new legislation. In the interim we would ask that these new provisions be brought to the attention of our members.

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