GSG 14-22 CWU Digital Photography Competition



The CWU is pleased to announce our 2022 Digital Photography Competition for all our members.

The competition is for amateur photographers and is open for entrants from June 17th. The First prize is a digital camera and there will also be a number of runners up prizes.

For all applicants, please note for your entry to be considered for the competition you must complete the Unionlink course on digital photography in advance.

If you have not done so you can complete the course by close of business September 2nd.

Please set up an account by going to

You will need your membership number to set up an account; if you do not know your membership number please contact Lorraine

We hope you enjoy the course and please contact Carol directly if you need assistance accessing Unionlink.

Further details on how you can submit your entries are contained in the attached flyer.

We hope you enjoy the course and encourage you to take part in the competition.

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