GSG 14-18 AGMs 2019



In accordance with Rule 3.2.2 of the Union Rule Book Branches are required to hold an AGM each year, before the last day of February. Branches must get prior permission from Union Head Office to convene an AGM after this date.

As it is traditional at this time of the year, the Officials here at Union Headquarters are organising their diaries for early 2019 in order to ensure that we can attend as many Branch AGMs as is possible. To that end, I would be most obliged if you would send any requests you may have for attendance at your AGM to Pat Kenny ( I would be further obliged if you would ensure that all of those requests are here with Union Headquarters by 11th January 2019.  Branches who do not respond cannot be guaranteed that a Head Office Official will attend their AGM.

Branches should be aware that given the small number of Officials in Union Head Office that we cannot always guarantee that the official you request will be available. In that regard in responding you might advise as to the Officer you would like to attend. Members of the National Executive Council are also available to attend AGMs.

Branches are also reminded of the requirement of Rule 3.2.3 which states the following

The Branch Treasurer shall, as soon as possible after the 31st December each year, prepare a financial statement of the incomes and expenditure of the Branch for the twelve months ending 31st December, which statement shall be submitted by the Secretary to the Branch Committee and to the Annual General Meeting of the Branch, and a copy of which shall be sent to the General Secretary

Our auditors have advised us to remind Branches of this requirement and also that they will be carrying out  checks to ensure their return and accuracy etc. All financial reports should be sent to Fan Ryan at

It would be my intention, to confirm with Branches as soon as possible after the closing date who will be attending their AGM. I would also be obliged if Branches would indicate whether or not their dates are flexible in order to ensure the greatest level of attendance.

Postal Branch Secretaries should be aware that the Worker Directors are also available to attend and they can be contacted at the following:

Tommy Devlin                         087 415 8517

Noel Adamson                                   087 907 5366

Martina O’Connell               087 938 7629

Willie Mooney                         087 751 9239

Niall Phelan                                 086 231 5909

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