GSG 09-22 CWU Education Grant Scheme 2022



The Union is pleased to invite applications for our Education Grant Scheme which is open to members and their dependants.

For the purposes of the CWU Education Grant Scheme, “dependant” is defined as:

  • A child or adopted child of a member
  • The husband, wife, civil partner, or co-habiting partner of a member; and/or
  • A person for whom a member is acting in the place of a parent (including but not limited to a child or adopted child of a member’s husband, wife, civil partner, or co-habiting partner)

The CWU Education Grant Scheme is made up of the following three categories:

1. Gaeltacht Awards

Up to 20 awards will be made each year for Gaeltacht students to help cover the cost of their participation in a Gaeltacht course. The grant will help cover course materials, tuition fees and accommodation for up to 22 days to a maximum value of €350.  This payment will be made to those successful in the draw retrospectively on production of the course receipt. The Gaeltacht award is for courses held this summer, 2022 only.

Please note that should Gaeltacht courses not go ahead this summer due to COVID restrictions, the CWU draw for this award will be cancelled. In that regard, the CWU Education Committee will reallocate the Gaeltacht grant amount towards the second level scheme thus creating 17 extra second level awards.


2. Second Level Awards

Up to 30 awards will be made annually to second level students. Each award will be worth €400 to help with the purchase of schoolbooks and class materials.

Members studying for the Junior and/or Leaving Certificate as mature students can also apply for this award.

For those successful in the draw, it will be necessary to get the Union’s confirmation form signed and stamped by the secondary school confirming the grant winner is a student for the upcoming September 2022 term. The form will be provided by the Union to the grant winners.


3. Third Level Education Awards

The third level category will offer up to four awards annually. The award will be to a maximum value of €2,000 for each year of study to a maximum of four years. These awards will be made to Union members or members’ dependants involved in study or research at Diploma, Degree, Post-Graduate Diploma or Post-Graduate Degree level. In line with the aforementioned levels of study, if members are not sure which course, they or their dependant will be doing they may indicate this on the enclosed application form as “to be decided”.

Members who have already commenced approved courses can also apply.

Awards will be made on an annual basis for each year of study. Awards will not be given for a repeat year or for transition/advancement to another course.

For those successful in the draw for the third level award, it will be necessary to provide evidence of registration and/or receipts as appropriate for the course by the college which confirms that the grant winner is a student for the upcoming 2022 academic year.


Application Criteria for the three Grant Scheme Categories:

  1. The successful applicant must be in benefit when both the application and the payments are made and for the duration of the course as relevant.


  1. For transparency purposes, applications must be made on the current 2022 official form and no other version of the form will be processed. Photocopies of the forms and faxed copies are acceptable.


  1. The form must be dated and signed by the member applying.


  1. Members may not send in duplicate applications i.e., only one application per member, per dependant, per category will be accepted. However, members may enter each of the three categories if they or their dependants are attending the Gaeltacht, second level or third level institutions. (For example, if a member has more than one dependant in second level they should send in a separate application for each dependant)


  1. Grants will be awarded by means of a draw which will take place at a date and time to be decided by the National Executive Council.


  1. The decision of the National Executive Council on all matters relating to this scheme shall be final.


Grants will be non-transferable and must be claimed by December 2nd, 2022.


Review and Monitoring of Scheme

This scheme will be launched to coincide with the upcoming academic year from September 2022. Again, for the Gaeltacht award this refers to courses held this summer, 2022. The Union is committed to monitoring this scheme and it will be reviewed on an annual basis by the Education Committee considering the applications received, budgeting and requirements of members. Comments and feedback from members on the operation of the scheme is invited.

 Members must ensure that they fill out the correct form for the relevant category. Also, due to the volume of forms received by Head Office it will not be possible to confirm receipt of individual applications on behalf of members.

It will be the responsibility of each member to ensure that their forms are returned on time to Union Head Office as late applications will not be accepted. In that regard we would ask members to post their forms directly to Union HQ. All forms must be returned to Union Head Office by Friday, June 10th, 2022, to the following address:

Communications Workers’ Union

William Norton House

575-577 North Circular Road

Dublin 1


Forms are also available for download on the CWU website


Members who have any queries on the scheme or the application process are encouraged to contact Union Head Office directly for further assistance.

Gaeltacht Grant Form 2022

Second Level Awards 2022

Third Level Awards Form 2022


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