GSG 09-20 Unionlink



During these unprecedented times, it is important for us as a Union that we maintain contact with our members and continue to offer vital services. One of those services is our online learning platform Unionlink.

In a time of social distancing or being house bound it is important to keep the mind active.

In that regard we would like to remind members that Unionlink offers a variety of courses to members free of charge that can be accessed at any time.

Please see enclosed our Unionlink flyer and login instructions which will tell you everything you need to know regarding Unionlink. All you need to do is to go to and set up an account using your membership number.

We have also added a course in our IT section on how to use Skype which may be of help.

Should you encounter any technical difficulties you can email Carol Scheffer for assistance.

Unionlink Information Leaflet

Unionlink Login Instructions

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