GSG 07-21 International Women’s Day



We are pleased to bring your attention to International Women’s Day the theme of which this year is “Choose to Challenge”.  International Women’s day is an opportunity for us to recognise women’s achievements in work and society. In line with this year’s theme, it is also a time for us to reflect on the challenges faced towards securing women’s rights. This is particularly important during the COVID pandemic so that gender issues are well represented now and into the future.

We are aware that globally millions of women who are essential workers have been working on the frontlines. The same is true of women in our sector. For that matter, we thank all our members for continuing to maintain essential services during these difficult times.

The Union has worked consistently to highlight Equality and Diversity as part of our ethos. Down through the years we have focused on a variety of issues that we believe are important to our members’ working lives. This includes raising women’s voices and in line with this year’s theme challenging inequalities so that we can strive for equal workplaces.

We acknowledge the important role that women play in our union and send a message of solidarity to our members on International Women’s Day.

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