GSG 04-23 Turkey and Syria Earthquakes



15th February 2023:  You will be aware in the early hours of the 6th February 2023, multiple earthquakes devastated southern Turkey and northern Syria. This has resulted in thousands of deaths and injuries, as well as widespread destruction of homes and infrastructure.

What has unfolded since the initial scenes of the dramatic rescue efforts is a humanitarian disaster of enormous  proportions.

The National Executive Council has decided to back a request from the ICTU to support  our trade union colleagues in Turkey, including DISK and KESK, by making a €50,000 donation to the International Trade Union Confederations (ITUC) National Disaster Fund from our Humanitarian Aid Fund.

These federations have many members in the affected areas and are making every possible effort to provide humanitarian aid to the union members and their families during this difficult and tragic period. They need our support.

The CWU has a proud track record of supporting humanitarian efforts and  solidarity with union members in difficulty, both at home and abroad. You will recall we made a similar donation to the Red Cross in response to the war  in Ukraine.

Branches are encouraged to make their own donation and the bank account details are:

ITUC-Asia Pacific DBS Bank Limited 12 Marina Boulevard Marina Centre, Tower 3 Singapore 018982

Account No: 003945670-0 Swift Code DBSSSGSG

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