GSG 04-22 No Woman Left Behind – Women’s Rally



I wish to advise you that the National Women’s Council of Ireland is planning a large-scale rally calling for political leadership and action on the critical issues that face women as part of this year’s International Women’s Day events. The rally entitled #NoWomanLeftBehind will take place outside the Dáil (Kildare St entrance) on Saturday, 5th March at 12pm.

The key demands of the rally are:

  • a zero-tolerance culture to end men’s violence against women.
  • women’s representation in all our diversity in all spaces where decisions are made affecting women’s lives.
  • access to quality public services including childcare, housing, and a decent income on which we all can live.
  • a healthcare system that has women at its centre – including access to abortion, ownership of the National Maternity Hospital, and free contraception.

This event is supported by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions and is also endorsed by the ICTU Women’s Committee.

I would urge CWU members if they are in a position to do so, to lend their support by attending the rally on March 5th.

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