GSE 03-23 NRT Payment, Deployment and Drop Points



At the AGMs this year several key issues affecting the former apprentice group were highlighted and the Union undertook to address these with the company.

The following was agreed at our April National Executive meeting.


  • NRT Payment
    • Ex apprentices currently in receipt of the €2000 NRT payment will receive a 25% increase to €2500. The effective date is 01 July 2023.
  • Deployment
    • NRT technicians will be eligible to choose vouched expenses when they are deployed for 1 week or greater once pre-approved by their FLM. The process and payment of these vouched expenses is as per existing company policy through ODOO.
  • Drop Points
    • The main Drop Point function in Galway will be closed in May following retirement of the Drop Point Manager. Galway will then be served from the adjacent DPs of Limerick Sligo and Dublin. A delivery location will be retained at Galway to carry out onward deliveries. Lids and Boxes and developer duct will be retained in Galway for issue.
    • Over the coming year the Limerick Drop Point will reduce from 2 Drop Point staff to 1.

The 25% increase and the choice of payment towards deployment expense demonstrates clear progress on behalf of our NRT members and goes some way to dealing with concerns raised at our recent AGMs. The Drop Point changes are reflective of the decreased activity in the stores area in the last 18 months.

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