GSG 01-22 AGMs 2022



I refer to GS Circular 30/21 issued on 10th December 2021 in relation to the organising of AGMs for 2022.

In accordance with the CWU Rules and Constitution, Branches are obliged to hold their AGM before the last day of February, unless permission is granted by Head Office to extend beyond this date. As we have a Conference in May of this year, there are critical timelines to adhere to for submission of Motions, nominations of Delegates, Standing Orders, and the National Executive Council election.  The closing date for receipt of nominations at Head Office is Friday the 4th March 2022.

The lifting of restrictions as announced by the Taoiseach last Friday, determines it is possible to convene physical meetings, in compliance with Branch Standing Orders, which is a most welcome development. Members are encouraged to attend their AGM, participate in the democratic process, and have their say and input into the policy direction of the Union.

While the restrictions in the main have been lifted, the COVID virus remains a real public health threat.  It is therefore imperative that we remain cautious and adhere fully to whatever guidelines and public health advice is in place at the time your AGM takes place.

Branches that were unable to hold their AGM during the various COVID lockdowns are reminded they must ensure all aspects of the Branch business are reported since the last AGM. Specifically, the Branch Secretary and Branch Treasurer reports should be presented for acceptance by the AGM and following approval, forwarded to Head Office.

In response to requests by Branches, Officers and/or NEC members have been assigned to attend meetings.

There are a number of meetings that have yet to be confirmed and I would appreciate that the arrangements are finalised without delay and advised to Pat Kenny as soon as possible.

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