GSE 04-20 Interim Medical Prescription Refund Scheme


Essential Company resources for the processing of medical/prescription expenses are now working from home therefore there is a requirement to implement an online process until a return to Leitrim House is possible.

At that stage the process will be reviewed with the CWU and a decision made on how best to proceed. The online process is designed to be as user-friendly as possible and it will ensure the ongoing payment of claims.

We acknowledge that there may be a small number of staff that are nervous with online processing, however the Company will ensure that there is support available for those individuals. This support will include:

  • Helpline number 1800 21 21 31
  • Instruction video – (linked to the company communications)
  • Support from line managers and work colleagues

Note: paper applications posted to Leitrim House will not be processed until HR personnel return therefore we recommend that until further notice all members covered by this scheme use the new online process.

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